What does TLC provide?

This may be best viewed under the services tab BUT we are proud to explain that we offer a wide-range of services that would surprise you:

  • Screening of all clients and for anyone you would like screened, for example: online dates, existing relationships, potential Therapeutic Loving Connections clients
  • Dating-package: inclusive package of all services listed below:

    • Arrange dates and offer coaching to SPARK your existing relationship
    • We assist with amicable dissolution of relationships
    • Classes
    • Mingles and gatherings
    • Relationship coaching

What is coaching?

Our psychology trained and educated staff will provide detailed feedback from observing your interactions at Mingles, on dates, Social Media, and more.

Can I buy services for someone else?

Yes! However they still have to participate in the screening process to assure they are a good match for our services.

What is your code of conduct?

TLC has a strict code on conduct that expects all candidates to refrain from poor behavior, such as: drinking alcohol on the first date, ghosting others, unwanted photography, lack of discretion, casual sex, multiple partners, and more.

What does it mean to "pass" a background check?

A "Pass" is not a truly accurate depiction of expectations. All background checks must match client disclosure as well as address any "red flags" in the client's history that raises concern. Clients will be asked to share any serious items in their history with committed partners. For example: it is very important that someone in recovery show they have sustained recovery with a relapse prevention plan AND will need to advise their partner they are in recovery and how a healthy relationship supports recovery.

Do I have to stop online dating if I Matchmake?

  • No, as a matter of fact I will safely bet that online dating makes you a stronger client! Once you work through some of the common online muck and mess, we will seem like a dream come true!
  • TLC will gladly screen any date from your online experience to verify and create assurance of matchable qualities
  • TLC will also use your coaching time for you and an online date

How does Matchmaking work?

  • Our Masters Level Psychological Clinicians use their skills and knowledge to match clients through a variety of screening tools, psychological tools, and interview techniques
  • We use work through 3 stages: Preparation (screening and classes), Dating and Matching (coaching and dates), Maintenance (Coachng to blend families, values, and lifestyles)
  • You will have a personal relationship with your assigned matchmaker and be provided individualized support through the process of dating

Does Matchmaking mean that I want to be married?

  • Absolutely not!
  • This service is JUST FOR YOU! Who you want, what your want, and where you want
  • We do not have any specific relational agenda other than creating happy, healthy relationships for our community, as defined by our community

How do I start?

Text, call, or email us your full name and email address; then we schedule a 15-minute online interview.

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