Why is military and matchmaking the perfect match?

Because our military work hard to keep our great nation safe, so TLC wants to work hard to keep our military safe!

A problematic relationship can deeply affect you military career and be deeply stressful when you are far way from home and your support system. This creates unique challenges that TLC is familiar with.

Soldiers unfamiliar with our area are the perfect target for catfishing, scams, and con artists. It is an unfortunate fact.

Let us find out if your new love interest is who they say they are and let us teach you how to catch the catfishers.

TLC can:

TLC can:

  • Pick safer dates
  • Be on standby in case a difficult dating situation occurs
  • Identify red flags
  • Support your unique needs through personal coaching

You are important to us and we want to keep you safe just like your family back home would!