Relationship Coaching & Classes

Rely on us for relationship coaching services for Central Texas

Just like any social activity, dating and relationships take practice. If you're getting back into the dating world and finding it difficult to navigate, Therapeutic Loving Connections can help. Or if you are already in the relationship game and need help finding that spark, TLC is here for you, too! We offer relationship coaching services right here in Killeen, TX.

Our skilled staff will observe how you handle social interactions and help you:


  • Leverage your best attributes
  • Identify and break bad relationship habits
  • Learn to read and write better on online profiles in our "Online ad, Off the Chain" class
  • Identify red flags in our "breaking bad" class
  • Learn the unsaid rules of dating in "Dating Etiquette 101"

We'll help you create a dating strategy that suits your personality and unique skills. Call today to speak with an experienced relationship coach.

Put your best foot forward

Put your best foot forward

Want to improve your dating and relationship skills? Turn to Therapeutic Loving Connections for relationship coaching services. We can help you chart your relationship goals and identify what barriers might be holding you back.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a relationship coach based in Killeen, TX.