Because of every horrible dating story that you have ever heard!

Matchmaking provides a better, safer, more effective, stress-free way to date in a world that has become very complicated.

  • Imagine knowing that your date is who they say they are, they have been screened, and personally matched to your needs and wants
  • Imagine they have the similar relationship goals, similar beliefs, and similar personality
  • Imagine that you do not have to worry about asking the awkward questions about whether they:

    • "want children"
    • "want marriage"
    • "have health issues"
    • "have difficult exes"

  • How would you feel if you could go on a date that was safe?
    No more taking pictures of license plates and saying" If I don't come back from this date, this is who kidnapped me". It is CRAZY that we have to do this!
  • How do you feel about knowing your date would be held accountable for any bad behavior/etiquette choices?

And some very fun facts and comparisons:

  • ONLINE DATING: you pay, you search, many profiles are "catfish", many are profiles that ended but are still displayed. Online dating is a lot of small talk that seems to go NOWHERE. There are no guarantees for safety or support, and often your search criteria is disregarded and less than ideal people are connected to you.
  • MATCHMAKING: you become a member and we do the work (easy peesy). Our staff matches vetted members together! We will respect your standards with the upmost respect.